Swedish Pouch Cell Production Line - All Equipment Successfully Completed Acceptance


Swedish Pouch Cell Production Line - All Equipment Successfully Completed Acceptance



Recently, Swedish pouch cell production line equipment has successfully passed the acceptance inspection after strict inspection and testing.

This acceptance work was conducted internally within the company, with a professional quality inspection team conducting detailed testing and evaluation of the equipment's various functions and performance. After strict testing, all indicators of the pouch cell production equipment meet the company's quality standards, proving its excellent performance and quality.

This pouch cell production line includes:

Electrode Manufacturing -->Cell Assembly -->Cell Finishing.

This includes equipment such as 650L double planetary mixersingle layer slot die coating machinesD600*650mm rolling press calender1200W high speed electrode slitting machineelectrode laser die-cutting machinepouch cell stacking machines,pouch cell forming machinespouch cell top and side sealing machineand 5V 100A pouch cell formation testing equipment etc. 

The pouch cell manufacturing equipment will be used on the company's production line, capable of efficiently completing pouch cell production and processing tasks. The equipment adopts advanced processes and technologies, with advantages such as high precision, high efficiency, high stability, and low maintenance costs, which can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

The successful acceptance marks the Tmax company's emphasis on product quality and investment in production equipment. We will continue to be committed to improving product quality and production efficiency, providing customers with higher quality products and services.


Overall, the batch of pouch cell production line machine fully demonstrated TMAX's technical strength and quality awareness. In the future, TMAX will continue to bring more innovative and high-quality products.


At the same time, TMAX will closely monitor the subsequent progress of this pouch cell production line.